Accredited Training Courses

Feelin’ Holistic is an IMTTA & IICT Approved Training Provider offering Online International & Industry Accredited Courses that will certify you as an EXPERT in your field. With options from Certificate in Meditation Teaching to Masters in Holistic Counselling, We have the right course for you!

All our courses are created by Mind Body Education Ply. Ltd.

And all our Mind Body Education Courses are recognised
with the following accredited bodies:

The International Meditation Teachers & Therapists Association (IMTTA)

The International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT)

The International Meditation Teachers Association (IMTA)

The International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHC)

The Complementary Medical Association (CMA)

Graduates are able to join these organisations, gain professional insurance, provided with a full year of membership with the IMTTA and can access resources, business mentoring and other guidance and support to be successful in their chosen new holistic career.

We Currently Offer:

Certificate in Meditation Teaching & Holistic Human Development (120hrs)

Certificate in Corporate Stress Management & Holistic Training and Assessment (220hrs)

Advanced Certificate in Meditation Teaching & Holistic Human Development (360hrs)

Diploma - Meditation Therapy (520hrs)

Diploma - Holistic Empowerment Coaching (600hrs)

Masters - Holistic Empowerment Coaching (840hrs)

Masters - Holistic Counselling (1100hrs)

Combined Masters - Meditation Teaching & Holistic Counselling (1340hrs)

And 20 X Postgraduate Certificate Courses (80hrs) that can be studied as stand-alone courses.
Meditation Teacher Training

The Certificate in Meditation Teaching & Holistic Human Development (120hrs) is our Foundation Course and serves as the prerequisite for all Postgraduate Certificate Courses (80hrs). Scroll down for more on our Foundation Level Certificate in Meditation Teaching.

Meditation Teacher Training

Next Intake – 10 May 2021

Study online from anywhere in the world

Become a Certified Meditation Teacher and TRANSFORM not only your life but the lives of those you teach 💜

Our science-based, business-oriented professional training will enable you to start a brand new holistic career or seamlessly integrate meditation & holistic counselling skills into what you currently offer. No Experience Necessary!

You’ll learn how to:

✅ Create standout virtual or in-person classes, courses & workshops for teens, adults & seniors.

✅ Incorporate Gentle Seated Movement Meditations into your classes, courses & workshops.

✅ Deliver workshops to different groups including the Corporate Sector.

✅ Write your own Guided Imagery Meditations.

✅ Work with your meditation students 1on1 with your additional Holistic Counselling Skills for Meditation Teacher Certificate.

Not only that…

On completion of your training course, you will be offered a fully supported career path in partnership with the International Meditation Teachers & Therapists Association (IMTTA).

Once you graduate from your Certificate in Meditation Teaching and Holistic Human Development (120hrs), you will be offered a full year of registration with the IMTTA completely free where you will receive all the support and materials you need to set up and succeed in your own practice.

Meditation Teacher Training

Course Duration:

Part-time: 10hrs study per week x 12 weeks

Full Time: 20hrs study per week x 6 weeks


IICT Recognised Certification:

(1) Meditation Teaching

(2) Holistic Counselling Skills for Meditation Teachers

Certificate Modules:

Module 1: Foundation Studies in Meditation
Module 2: Understanding Stress
Module 3: Foundations of Human Happiness
Module 4: Tools for Healing
Module 5: Meditation Styles & Techniques
Module 6: Teaching Styles & Techniques
Module 7: Working with Specific Groups
Module 8: Counselling & Coaching Skills
Module 9: Running Classes & Workshops
Module 10: Corporate & Community Settings
Module 11: Small Business Management
Module 12: Marketing - The Key to Success


Full Course Fees: €1260
Payment Plan: €240 X 6 Months

Meditation Teacher Training

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